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Why is it that many students consider management consulting firms as the perfect start into a successful professional career? And what is there to be learnt beyond creating ever more slides? In my podcast “Next Slide, Please” I will take you on a journey into all things management consulting. I will be talking to guests about what a career in management consulting looks like, how to best enter this field, what to look out for, and what the day-to-day challenges are. And about when it might be time to move on. I am a Manager in management consulting myself – and I am looking forward to sharing both my experience and many different perspectives on success in the industry. Join in!

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  • Perspectives Towards Sustainable Mobility: Million-mile battery strategy, a game-changer for OEMs?
    In this podcast episode, Hans Beck and Dr. Oliver Spreitzer discuss the concept of a million-mile battery, its rationale, and the conditions under which it can be a profitable venture. They explore how OEMs can harness its business potential, whether by adopting an all-in strategy or a mitigation approach. Don't miss this insightful conversation on […]
    Strategy Engineers - Management Consultants
  • Perspectives Towards Sustainable Mobility: Global supply chain collapse – What now?
    The transition towards e-mobility is in full swing. While some countries may ban combustion engines in the coming years, these engines will still play a role in the global automotive market for decades to come. What does this mean for future supply chains in the automotive industry, especially those that have been developed and perfected […]
    Strategy Engineers - Management Consultants
  • Perspectives Towards Sustainable Mobility: Innovation-enabled business transformation as key to future competitiveness
    In our latest podcast episode, host Hans Beck sits down with Joachim Hauser, partner at Strategy Engineers and transformation expert, to discuss innovation-enabled business transformation. Why is it crucial for companies, especially in the mobility industry, to adapt to changing conditions and reinvent their product portfolios, business models, and organizations? How can a company be […]
    Strategy Engineers - Management Consultants
  • Perspectives Towards Sustainable Mobility: China’s way towards electrified mobility
    What role does electrification play in the world’s largest automotive market on its path to sustainability? China, the largest BEV market globally, saw over 2 million units sold and a growth rate of over 150% in 2021. In this episode, Hans Beck speaks with Cheng Xie and Chen Chen, colleagues from our China office, to […]
    Strategy Engineers - Management Consultants
  • Perspectives Towards Sustainable Mobility: Leading edge in battery manufacturing
    In recent years, battery manufacturers have significantly improved the capacity and performance of battery cells. To remain competitive as cell suppliers in the coming years, the focus must shift towards enhancing operational performance and reliability, meeting stringent automotive quality standards, such as minimizing end-of-line defects to parts-per-million levels. Building scalable operations will be crucial to […]
    Strategy Engineers - Management Consultants
  • Perspectives Towards Sustainable Mobility: Mission Possible – How to make your business sustainable
    The results of COP26 in Glasgow, November 2021, have sparked considerable debate. While several commitments were made, concrete actions were limited. Nevertheless, COP26 reinforced global commitments to achieving “Net Zero,” leading to increasingly strict climate regulations that will significantly impact industries like automotive. But what will these consequences be, and how can businesses become sustainable? […]
    Strategy Engineers - Management Consultants
  • What is "Perspectives Towards Sustainable Mobility" about?
    In the face of climate change, the vision of a carbon-free society has evolved from a long-term aspiration to a mid-term necessity. The mobility sector accounts for a significant share of global greenhouse gas emissions, making the transition to sustainable mobility a critical challenge. Hans Beck, a principle at Strategy Engineers, has been supporting clients […]
    Strategy Engineers - Management Consultants
  • Next Slide, Please: Defining future trucks as an intern
    Join Tobias as he talks with Rico, a former intern at Strategy Engineers, about his experiences and learnings during his internship in management consulting. In this episode, Rico shares his journey from studying engineering to gaining practical experience through his internship. They discuss the project he worked on for a global truck manufacturer, emphasizing the […]
    Strategy Engineers - Management Consultants
  • Next Slide, Please: Setting up a European Gigafactory – internship insights
    In this episode, our host Tobias discusses internships in management consulting with Luis Neff, who shares his experience as an intern at Strategy Engineers. Luis sheds light on his key tasks during his three-month internship and reflects on how the experience has shaped his professional career. Tune in now!
    Strategy Engineers - Management Consultants
  • Next Slide, Please: The value of internships in management consulting
    Are you eager to explore the exciting world of management consulting? Curious about the value of internships in this field? Tune in to the 12th episode of "Next Slide, Please," where our host Tobias shares his personal experiences and discusses the purpose and expectations of internships. Discover the ins and outs of consulting internships as […]
    Strategy Engineers - Management Consultants